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United States immigration and naturalization law for businesses, individuals and organizations.

From their own stories to fighting for laws that help immigrants and their families, our team members have spent their lives making immigration and nationality issues personal. That high level of expertise and care have brought us very high to preeminent ratings from clients, peers, and various legal guides. We know how important your case is; you can trust us to help.

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Nationwide Immigration Lawyer – Chicago, Illinois Based Law Firm

Scott D. Pollock & Associates, P.C. is located in Chicago, IL. In addition to serving the Greater Chicago Area, our legal services and expertise are available nationwide. We provide United States immigration and naturalization law services for businesses, individuals, and organizations. Regardless of your location, we would be honored to take on your case.

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The process of obtaining a visa, green card, citizenship, or other immigration related services can be complex. Working with an immigration attorney is important in simplifying this process for you, the client, and allowing us to take on any unique situation or problem that may arise. Our legal team will evaluate your case and offer the most appropriate advice pertaining to your needs.

The attorneys at Scott D. Pollock & Associates, P.C. have decades of combined experience to successfully provide you or your loved one with legal advice and guidance all across the United States.

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As the grandson of immigrants, Scott Pollock is committed to serving people coming to the United States for the same reason his ancestors did: to make a better life for themselves and their families. With over seven decades of combined experience in U.S. immigration law, we’ve helped guide numerous clients through the process of gaining immigrant visas and citizenship in the United States. Our firm is located in Chicago, IL, and we serve clients all across the United States. Contact a member of our team today at 312.444.1940.

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Immigration Visas/ Green Cards

Documentation allowing a person to become a permanent resident immediately upon U.S. entry

Non-Immigrant Visas

Documentation allowing a person temporary travel to the United States, and for K visas

Immigration Litigation

Civil immigration litigation, including affirmative and defensive cases

Immigration Visa Consular Processing

Processing of immigrant visas (green card) through an American Consulate abroad

Employer Immigration Compliance

Ensuring companies hiring foreign nationals in the United States meet a variety of compliance standards


Obtaining the advantages of United States citizenship, including the right to vote and receiving a U.S. passport


Representation in investigations at any point during the United States immigration process

Removal Proceedings

Court processes initiated by the U.S. government to determine if a foreign national must be removed

Experienced Immigration Lawyer – Chicago, IL

The attorneys at Scott D. Pollock & Associates, P.C. have decades of combined experience in immigration law. Our practice specializes in making the immigration and nationality issues of our clients personal. Our high level of expertise and the care we have for our clients has led us to high ratings and praise from clients, peers, and other legal cohorts. Your case is very important to us — you can trust us to help.

Immigrant Visa and Green Card Lawyers

Visas allow immigrants to enter the United States and stay for different periods of time. The two types of visas are immigrant and non-immigrant. Green card holders are also known as lawful permanent residents. Our legal team is experienced in immigrant and non-immigrant visa and green card services including immigration-related litigation, adjustment of status, consular processing, employment-based visas, deportation and removal hearings, family sponsorship, and more.

National Interest Waiver (NIW) Lawyers

The national interest waiver (NIW) is an exemption from the labor certification process and job requirement for advanced degree or exceptional ability workers applying for an EB-2 visa in the United States. E-2 visa classification pertains to those holding exceptional abilities in science, arts, business, and other professions. E-2 petitioners may avoid the PERM Labor Certification process by presenting their NIW. In addition to the standard NIW, there is a Physician National Interest Waiver designed for physicians and doctors to work in the United States.

Non-Immigrant Visa Lawyers

Non-immigrant visas give temporary permission for those coming to the U.S. for a limited time and specific purpose.

Different types of non-immigrant visas include:

  • B-1 and B-2, visas for temporary business visitors and temporary non-business visitors
  • E-1 and E-2, visas for treaty traders and investors
  • E-3, visas for Australian workers in a specialty occupation
  • F & M, visas for International Students
  • H-1, visas for temporary professional workers in specialty professions
  • H-2, visas for temporary unskilled or job-trained workers
  • H-3, visas for trainees in fields such as special education, agriculture, and finance
  • J & Q, visas for exchange visitors in educational or cultural programs
  • K-1, visas for fiancé(e)s of United States citizens
  • L-1, visas for intracompany transferees
  • O-1, visas for individuals with extraordinary ability in science, business, or sports
  • P, visas for performing entertainers and athletes
  • R-1, visas for religious workers including ministers, priests, and other religious educators
  • T, visas for victims of human trafficking
  • TN, visas for Canadian and Mexican Workers in a specialty occupation
  • U, visas for victims of criminal activity

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If you or a loved one is curious if you qualify for a non-immigrant visa, contact a member of our team today.

Employment Immigration Lawyers

Employers interested in hiring foreign nationals to work in the United States must first meet a variety of compliance standards set by the U.S. government. To meet the United States compliance standards, you must obtain an H-1B & public access files. The public access files must be maintained by all U.S. employers for their H-1B workers. Specific documents should be kept in these files in the case of an audit by the Department of Labor. Additionally, a Form 1-9 must be completed with each new hire. This form requires employers to review employment authorization for their employees. The process can be complicated, but the employer immigration legal team at Scott D. Pollock & Associates, P.C., is here to help!

Family Immigration Lawyers

For immigrants or family of immigrants, the process of obtaining temporary visas or citizenship can be long and difficult. If you or a loved one are in need of legal representation to appeal an unfavorable decision from an immigration judge, contact a member of our team today.

Naturalization and Citizenship Lawyers

There are several advantages to becoming a citizen of the United States, but the road to citizenship can be long and complicated. Naturalization is the process in which a lawful permanent resident becomes a U.S. citizen. To become a citizen through naturalization, you must first submit a completed application and fingerprints. Following the application and fingerprinting, an interview will be scheduled. Any applicants must also pass a U.S. civics test and an English test. If you or a loved one is in need of legal assistance in obtaining citizenship or naturalization, contact the experienced citizenship and naturalization lawyers of Scott D. Pollock Associates, P.C. today.

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