COVID-19 Update: COVID-19 Vaccination Required Starting October 1 Read More

All Green Card applicants, who receive their medical examination from either a Panel Physician or a Civil Surgeon on or after October 1, 2021, will need to show evidence of vaccination for COVID-19, or provide a valid reason why they should not be held to the new requirement. See Full Details

Motion to Reconsider or Reopen

Motion to Reconsider or Reopen

If a person is denied an immigration benefit, the applicant can file a motion to reconsider or reopen to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services District Director who denied their application.

Motions to reconsider are based solely on legal grounds and require well-reasoned arguments to establish the denial was based on an incorrect application of the law. Motions to reopen may be filed based on new evidence or changed circumstances. They require documentary evidence and statements of facts.

Filing an Appeal

Those appealing a decision to be reconsidered or reopened must complete and submit Form I290-B, Notice of Appeal or Motion. Your form should be filed with the Administrative Appeals Office.

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