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  • United States immigration policy after Sessions' departure
    November 14, 2018
    By Dario Castañeda

    In the wake of (now former) Attorney General Jeff Sessions' termination, a great deal of speculation with regards to the future of United States immigration policy has arisen.  Sessions was a key architect and enforcer of President Trump's hard-line immigration agenda.  Now that Sessions is out, coupled with Democrats gaining control of the House of Representatives, many people are hoping for more comprehensive regulations that may help the immigrant community.  Unfortunately, people's hopes may never become a reality.  Issues and policies revolving around topics such as DACA, asylum, TPS and other immigrant benefits have been under constant attack by the current administration.  As an example, most recently, President Trump signed a proclamation that will bar migrants who cross into the United States illegally through the southern border from seeking asylum.

    The fact of the matter is that despite Sessions no longer being in office, the zero-tolerance and hard-line rhetoric that the Trump administration has taken against immigration is expected to remain as Sessions' replacement will most likely have a similar agenda and mission.  Thus, the uphill battle that immigrants are facing in the United States is anticipated to persist and individuals should continue to seek counsel when exploring any type of immigration benefit.  

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