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Lindsay Fullerton

I’m very interested in human rights and advocating for immigrant justice. I went to law school in DC and since then I moved to Chicago. I was an asylum officer …

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Scott D. Pollock

I’m the grandson of immigrants. They came to the United States in the early 20th century. I appreciate what they did, I understand why they came here, and I recognize …

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Kathryn R. Weber

When I was in undergrad, I became very involved with Amnesty International, and during that time, I became very passionate about human rights work. By the time I finished my …

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Anne G. Relias

My father was a lawyer, so that originally piqued my interest in law school. I was very interested in international human rights law. I’ve always loved to travel. I loved …

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Christina J. Murdoch

I practice family and employment-based immigration law. I handle applications for green cards and US citizenship. I also do most of the firm’s federal litigation and the federal courts because …

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